A Java applet which moves a series of images through a circular path. Each image is clickable and may be linked to any url you choose.
For Java programmers.
A utility class which implements the abstract FilenameFilter class of the JDK.
A Java applet which smoothly fades from one image to another. Includes support for standard linking and frame target linking.
Retro Java games are here! Attack! is a fast loading game using vector graphics.
A customizable banner for displaying images in a number of different ways.
Don't Click Here
Ever seen an applet get angry? Try clicking on this one ...
(a more advanced example of animation).
Fading Text
Simple but very effective way of displaying text. Simply fades the text messages in and out. Looks very good on a black background (just like a movie theatre - only a bit smaller).
Rotating Sphere
A simplisting 3D rotating sphere. It's not really very practical, but I liked it, so I included it here.
1. This applet may not work in MSExplorer 3.0 or lower
2. It's also very processor intensive and may run very slowly on some older machines.
3. I'll look into these when I have some time (probably years from now).
Scrolls clickable images or text onto the screen.
Scrolling Images
Horizontal clickable scrolling thumbnail images.
Tile Work
A nicely polished version of the infamous Tile Game.

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